About Us

Pizzscotti is owned and operated by Kim and Alina, who have a unique background and skill set.  

We began our business in 2013 and centered on providing a modern twist on the classic Italian pizzelle and biscotti. 

As Law Enforcement Officers, we are women of strong morals and ethics, which has channeled into the recipes we have created.  Our ingredients are all natural and contain no preservatives. We recognize the importance of respecting and caring about our community members, and as business owners we love and appreciate every customer.

As time went by our flavors became so unique and in high demand by our customers and the fact that we are professional law enforcement officers, we decided to switch our moto and logo to "Dangerously Good Gourmet Pizzelles & Biscotti."

Our products are baked to order, so please allow up to 4 -5 days to be prepared for shipment. All our products are handmade in our commercial kitchen in Northridge, CA. Every PIzzelle is hand pressed and every biscotti is hand cut to maintain the homemade taste we’re known for. We enjoy experimenting with different and unique flavor combinations, some which you will not find on any retail shelf.  

Feel confident when your order for yourself or a loved one that you are getting the freshest, most flavorful biscotti possible.

When your shipment arrives your job is to pour a steaming cup of your favorite coffee, tea or a glass of great wine … then take a deep breath and let the sweet aroma of our handmade cookies take you on vacation to the Amalfi  Coast of Italy … then take your first bite!

Remember to share them! (We will not tell if you don’t.)

Try us..we guarantee you will love us!   But understand our flavors are Dangerously GOOD!