What To Expect At The Dentist

It is very important that we take care of our teeth.  When we are young we are given a set of baby teeth that will start to fall out and be replaced by adult teeth.  These adult teeth should last us the rest of our lives, but there are times when we need to get them repaired or removed.  The scary part about tooth extractions rancho cucamonga is that we are unsure of how we can eat or what we will look like afterwards.

Crowded mouth

One thing that we can’t prevent is having a crowded mouth.  There are times where our teeth will grow in larger or in different ways than normal causing our teeth to become crowded.  When this happens it may be necessary to have a tooth or several teeth extracted. 


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Our mouth is home of millions of different types of bacteria.  These bacteria can cause infections in our mouth causing us pain.  In many cases these infections can be treated with antibiotics.  In more extreme situations a root canal may need to be performed.  If these two options are not viable and or the tooth is too far gone to save dentists will pull the tooth.

Before teeth extraction

When getting your tooth or teeth extracted there are a few things you need to do to prepare.  If you are suffering from any medical conditions such as heart defect, impaired immune system, liver issues or if you have artificial joints this information must be given to your dentist.  With those with any of these conditions additional antibiotics or medications may be needed before any extractions can be done.

After the extraction

After the extraction you can expect to be in pain.  Take the prescribed medications, wash your mouth constantly with salt water and stay away from smoking or drinking with a straw.  There are other suggestions that will be given to you from your doctor but the best advice is to go home, take a nap and let the pain heal itself naturally.