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Pizzscotti bakes all natural gourmet Italian Pizzelles and Biscotti.  We do not use any preservatives. Our products are premium gourmet Italian baked goods.  our biscotti are softer with a buttery consistency.  they will hold their shape if dipped but easily chewable without dipping. Taste the softer side of biscotti. 

Our line of biscotti products consist of many specialty flavors.  Wholesale orders can be placed as dough packs and bake them at your convenience or we bake them fresh and ship them to your location.  Our fresh baked biscotti can be frozen for up to one month while maintaining freshness. 

Pizzscotti's Italian Pizzelles can be baked fresh and shipped to your location either individually or packaged for retail sale.  Pizzelle wholesale orders are sold by the dozen only but available in any variety. 

Your purchase with us helps support victims of domestic violence.  a portion of pizzscotti proceeds go to recipe for hope.  Together we can bake a difference.

If you are interested in our wholesale products and would like to sample, please contact us at pizzscotti@gmail.com or by phone at (818) 216-8848.